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Genealogy of the King-McCluskey and Gardner-LeBlanc Families

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Matches 2,801 to 2,850 of 3,003

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2801 The witnesses were Garland Courage and Benjamin King. Family F2296
2802 The witnesses were George Butt and John King. John King may be:

1. John Thomas, son of William King and Susanna Wheadon, born February 13 1846
2. John, son of Thomas Pike King and Emily Julia Pike, born November 20 1855 
Family F2299
2803 The witnesses were George Hix and John Stone, both of Bryant's Cove. Family F1547
2804 The witnesses were George Lilly and Edward Pike. Family F681
2805 The witnesses were George Mitchell Jr., Andrew C. Hynes, and William Garland. Family F560
2806 The witnesses were George Shephard and Rose Ann Noel. Family F1552
2807 The witnesses were George Sheppard and Frances Dear. Family F1537
2808 The witnesses were George Sooley and Lavinia Harnum. Family F773
2809 The witnesses were George Stephens and Edmund Norman. Family F1116
2810 The witnesses were Harold Johnson and Annie Whalen Appe. Family F3
2811 The witnesses were Henry (Gosse or Jones?) & (Theresa?) Gosse. Family F1553
2812 The witnesses were Henry Taylor and Eliza Butler. Family F868
2813 The witnesses were Henry Thomas King (Job Alexander's cousin) and William White. Family F1113
2814 The witnesses were Hiram Rogers and Flora Wiseman (Julia Wiseman's half-sister). Family F740
2815 The witnesses were Hugh Roberts, Mahala Wiseman, Walter W. Wiseman, and Julia Wiseman. Walter W. is most likely Fannie's younger brother Walter William. Mahala and Julia are likely Fannie's nieces. Family F783
2816 The witnesses were Jacob Legge and Delilah Crocker (most likely Charles' daughter). Family F1610
2817 The witnesses were Jacob Taylor Senior and Jacob Taylor Junior. Family F564
2818 The witnesses were James Harris (likely Mary Ann's father or brother) and William Crew (likely William's father). Family F527
2819 The witnesses were James King (likely William King's father or brother) and Ambrose Crowley. Family F1264
2820 The witnesses were James Rendall (sic), Mary Taylor, and E. Randel (sic). Likely, E. Randel is Alfred's sister Elizabeth (Wiseman) Randell and James Rendall (sic) is Alfred's brother-in-law and Elizabeth (Wiseman) Randell's husband. Possibly, Mary Taylor is Alfred's sister Mary who married Jacob Taylor. Family F778
2821 The witnesses were Job A. King and Flora Johnson. Family F709
2822 The witnesses were Job Alexander King (Lenora's brother) and Martha White (Job Alexander King's future wife). Family F686
2823 The witnesses were Job Alexander King and Bennett King, Theophilus' brother and sister. Family F1115
2824 The witnesses were John Curtis and Thomas Grimes (who witnessed 4 of the 6 marriages on the 2 pages containing the marriage of George Pavitt and Mary Curtis). Neither George Pavitt nor Mary Curtis signed the marriage record; both made their mark. Family F2283
2825 The witnesses were John King and William Rose. Family F1266
2826 The witnesses were John Maddock and Frederica Churchwill. John Maddock is the brother of Robert Maddock who married Richard's sister Dorcas. Family F841
2827 The witnesses were John Maddock and Richard Penney. Richard Penney is likely Dorcas' brother. Family F1257
2828 The witnesses were John Muckle and Susanna Huett (who made her mark). The presence of Susanna Huett, Sarah's sister, as a witness helps to confirm Sarah is the daughter of Joseph Huett and Elizabeth Stone. Family F1668
2829 The witnesses were John Pitman and George Caines (likely Harriet's eldest brother). Family F1658
2830 The witnesses were John Tidd and Jonas Freeman (who witnessed other marriages and may have been the parish clerk). Both Joseph Ellerd and Lydia Mallins signed the marriage record. Family F1253
2831 The witnesses were John Wiseman and Alfred Wiseman, who are most likely Mary's brothers.

From Twillingate Sun (October 28 1881):

TAYLOR - WISEMAN. - On Monday, Oct. 24th, in the Methodist Church, South-side, Twillingate, by the Rev. T.W. ATKINSON, Mr. Jacob TAYLOR, to Miss Mary WISEMAN, both of Little Bay Islands. 
Family F779
2832 The witnesses were Joseph Cole, Minnie Churchill, Cephas Pike, Lizzie Burgess, and Martha Ann Williams. Family F1560
2833 The witnesses were Joseph Courage and James Nichels(?). Family F1536
2834 The witnesses were Joseph Grimes, Frank Locke, Fannie Wiseman, and Annie Jones. Fannie Wiseman is Martha's sister. Family F782
2835 The witnesses were Joseph Taylor and Edward Pike. Family F559
2836 The witnesses were Mark Howell and Albert Pearcy (sic), most likely Robert Piercey's brother. Family F2280
2837 The witnesses were Mark [W or U] Pike (likely James Cephas' brother Mark William), Laura Horwood, William Best, E B Chipman, Catherine Taylor, Barbara Butt, and Ann E Pike (likely James Cephas' sister Ann Elizabeth). Family F728
2838 The witnesses were Martha Wiseman, likely Mary (Wiseman) Taylor's sister, and George Jones, future husband of Martha Wiseman. Family F792
2839 The witnesses were Morgan Kippen (likely Keeping) and William Cook Scott. Family F2157
2840 The witnesses were Nathaniel W. Taylor, William G. Pike, Lavinia Taylor, Alfrida Taylor, Sarah Taylor, and George Apsey. Family F698
2841 The witnesses were Noah Perry and Sarah Perry. Family F1613
2842 The witnesses were not recorded. Family F761
2843 The witnesses were Reuben Horwood and Job Powell (Mary Powell's brother). Family F1272
2844 The witnesses were Richard Butt and Samuel Butt. Family F2297
2845 The witnesses were Richard Caines (likely Martha Margaret's brother) and George Hillier. Family F1637
2846 The witnesses were Richard Rockwood and Elsie Hobbs (who married James' brother Lewis in 1912). Family F737
2847 The witnesses were Robert King and James Evans. Family F1267
2848 The witnesses were Solomon Thistle and William King. William King may be James' brother, uncle, or cousin. Family F757
2849 The witnesses were Stephen Crocker and Elizabeth Andrews. Family F1612
2850 The witnesses were Theophilus King and Bennett King, Cephas King's brother and sister. Family F1117

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