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3351 Transcription done May 1999, and available online to members Source (S1035)
3352 Transcription located at:
Transcribed from the original French by Delma Abadie 
Source (S1257)
3353 Transcription located at:
Downloaded as "Nova Scotia Glace Bay King Edward St.webarchive" 
Source (S1145)
3354 Transcription located at:
Downloaded as "Nova Scotia Glace Bay St Annes.webarchive" 
Source (S1143)
3355 Transcription of Parish Records
Located at: 
Source (S269)
3356 Transcription of Parish Records Source (S1243)
3357 Transcription of parish records Source (S824)
3358 Transcription of Parish Records Source (S1292)
3359 Transcription of parish records Source (S663)
3360 Transcriptions of baptisms and marriages for surname McCluskey and variant spellings in St. Cuthbert, Upperby, and St. John parishes from Cumbria Record Office Source (S840)
3361 Transcriptions of tombstones Source (S836)
3362 Very little information is available about the family of Mary Ann Harris, wife of William Crewe.

Bill Crant provided the following information (but without Sources) in a post on January 19 2002 (located at

From: "Bill Crant"
Subject: [NFLD-LAB] HARRIS - Ramea
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 14:54:56 -0500


JAMES HARRIS came to Ramea, probably in the early 1840's, with his two children. Whether he came from some community farther down the coast or from Burgeo cannot be determined. In any case he was almost certainly a relative of the Harrises who had settled on Hunts Island. In the Ramea directory for 1864 he was listed as a dealer. Very likely he was an agent for Burgeo business interests and this perhaps explains why he came to Ramea in the first place. By 1871, the Harrises had left the island and settled elsewhere, perhaps Burgeo.

JAMES HARRIS, widower, b.
Children -
JAMES, b. (see below)
MARY ANN, b. married WILLIAM CREWE, Hunts Island, NF, in 1860 (see p. 6)
(In 188 JAMES HARRIS, widower, married GRACE HATCHER, widow p. J


married, in 1858, SARAH CREWE, Hunts Island, NF

[Her brother WILLIAM married JAMES' sister MARY ANN two years later (see above)]

Children -
CAROLINE, b. 1861, married JOHN CREWE, Hunts Is., in 1880
MARTHA ANN, b. 1864

After JAMES died SARAH married ROBERT STRICKLAND, Burgeo, NF

Page 29

End of Harris the First Wave

Bill Crant
Founder - Newfoundland's Grand Banks

Joseph Small's 1925 Diary of Burgeo has the following passages regarding a James Harris:

1. Benjamin Harris and his brother, John, came from Grole. … John Harris, I know little about except that he moved to Brazil in, say 1870, with his two sons, George and James.

2. They [William Crewe and his wife] had a daughter who first married James Harris of Ramea. Her second husband was Robert Strickland.

3. Two of the daughters [of Robert Porter and Louise or Amelia Hann] married James and Robert Harris of Our Harbour.

FamilySearch's Newfoundland Vital Statistics, 1753-1893 records the following marriages for James Harris of Ramea in the Burgeo Church of England register:

1. James Harris Widower of Ramea and Grace Hatcher Widow of Ramea on September 12 1849 in Ramea, with witnesses Morgan Kippen and William Cook Scott

2. James Harris Widower of Ramea and Sarah Crew Spinster of Hunts Island on October 20 1858 in Lower Burgeo, with witnesses Robert H Dawe and William Crew

Newfoundland and Labrador GenWeb's Hutchinson's 1864-1865 Directory for Hunt's Harbour lists the following Harris': Benjamin, George, James, and John. (They are likely the families of Benjamin Harris, John Harris, and their sons; originally from Grole.) It also lists 2 William Crewe's (presumably Senior and Junior). All are fishermen.

Newfoundland's Grand Banks Hutchinson's 1864-1865 Directory for Ramea Island lists James Harris and William Crew, both fishermen.

Newfoundland's Grand Banks Lovell's 1871 Directory has the following Harris' listed in the Burgeo West District: John (Planter) in Brazil, Benjamin (Planter) in Lower Burgeo, George (Fisherman) in New Harbour (Burgeo), and Robert (Planter) in West Point. There are no Harris' in Ramea.

Newfoundland's Grand Banks Lovell's 1871 Directory for Deer Island lists William Carew (sic) senior and William Carew (sic) junior, both Fishermen.

Note the following:

1. The marriages of James Harris of Ramea in 1849 and 1858 both record him as Widowed.

2. Hutchinson's 1864-1865 Directory records James Harris of Ramea as a Fisherman, not as a Dealer.

3. There is no James Harris in Lovell's 1871 Directory for Ramea or anywhere in the Burgeo and LaPoile District.

Sarah Crewe, widow of James Harris, married Robert Strickland (although the date is unknown). James Harris, husband of Sarah Crewe, died after the conception of his daughter Martha Ann baptized May 23 1864 and after being enumerated for the Hutchinson's 1864-1865 Directory. James Harris likely died before the enumeration for Lovell's 1871 Directory as he is not included in it and certainly died before Sarah Crewe's marriage to Robert Strickland.

Was there one James Harris residing in Ramea circa 1850-1870 or two; namely father James Harris and son James Harris? If only one, is Mary Ann Harris the daughter or sister of James Harris?

If there are two James Harris’, both father and son who married in 1849 and 1858 are widowed. There is no record of a James Harris Bachelor being married before 1858 in Burgeo Church of England. If only one James Harris died before 1871, then the other James Harris should appear in Lovell's 1871 Directory. There is no James Harris in Lovell's 1871 Directory. So, if there are a father and son James Harris, they both are widowed and likely die between 1864 and 1871. This is possible, but would seem to be an unusual occurrence.

If there is one James Harris, he married both Grace Hatcher and Sarah Crewe, and likely died between 1864 and 1871. Sarah Crewe is born about 1832, and is about age 26 when she marries James Harris. Mary Ann Harris, daughter of James Harris, is born about 1840. Assuming James Harris is about age 25 at the time of Mary Ann Harris' birth, then he is born about 1815 and is about 17 years older than Sarah Crewe. This is possible, but an unusual age difference.

Based on currently available evidence, no conclusion can reasonably be made as to there being one or two James Harris’. 
HARRIS, James (I4899)
3363 Viewed at Burnaby Family History Centre Source (S577)
3364 Viewed at Burnaby, BC Family History Centre Source (S308)
3365 Viewed at Burnaby, BC Family History Centre Source (S883)
3366 Viewed July 19 2001 Source (S1719)
3367 Viewed July 29 2001 Source (S918)
3368 Viewed July 30 2001 Source (S304)
3369 Vol 101 Baptisms 1842-1891 and Marriages 1842-1891 Source (S959)
3370 Vol 105 Baptisms 1851-1891
Named Sound Island in E.R. Seary's Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland 
Source (S1496)
3371 Vol 107 Baptisms 1860-1891 and Marriages 1860-1891 Source (S1011)
3372 Vol 108A Baptisms 1817-1859 Source (S1042)
3373 Vol 108A Grand Bank Methodist Baptisms 1817-1859
Newfoundland & Labrador GenWeb refers to as Greater Lamaline Area - Methodist Baptism Records (1816-1856) in Burin Peninsula Region - Grand Bank / Lawn District
FamilySearch's Newfoundland, Vital Statistics, 1753-1893 - Burin - Grand Bank (Methodist) Vol 108A does not contain the baptisms attributed to this Source.
This transcription may contain some PRC baptisms as well. 
Source (S629)
3374 Vol 113 Baptisms 1847-1881
Vol 114 Marriages 1850-1882 
Source (S1066)
3375 Vol 115 Baptisms 1842-1869
Vol 116 Baptisms 1870-1879
Vol 117 Baptisms 1880-1890
Note: All volumes reviewed October/2014 
Source (S991)
3376 Vol 22 Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials 1882-1891 Source (S848)
3377 Vol 28 Baptisms 1868-1892
Vol 29 Baptisms 1856-1868
Vol 30 Baptisms 1830-1840
Vol 30A Marriages 1830-1892 
Source (S864)
3378 Vol 34-36 Baptisms 1801-1891
Vol 36A Marriages 1837-1892 
Source (S1065)
3379 Vol 37 Baptisms 1860-1891
Vol 37 Marriages 1860-1891 
Source (S948)
3380 Vol 44 and 45 Baptisms 1854-1890
Vol 45 Marriages 1890-1891
Vol 45A Marriages 1776-1833
Vol 45B Marriages 1831-1890 
Source (S857)
3381 Vol 46 Baptisms 1860-1891 and Marriages 1860-1891 Source (S290)
3382 Vol 48-50 Baptisms 1793-1891
Vol 50A Marriages 1794-1891 
Source (S295)
3383 Vol 51 Baptisms & Marriages 1883-1891 Source (S1572)
3384 Vol 52 Baptisms 1852-1892
Vol 52A Baptisms 1816-1852
Vol 52B Marriages 1816-1891 
Source (S887)
3385 Vol 59 Baptisms 1875-1891
Vol 59A Baptisms 1824-1874
Vol 59 Marriages 1825-1891 
Source (S601)
3386 Vol 60 Baptisms 1873-1891 and Marriages 1879-1891 Source (S607)
3387 Vol 61 Baptisms 1883-1892 and Marriages 1879-1894 Source (S610)
3388 Vol 66 Baptisms 1834-1891
Vol 67 Marriages 1833-1891 
Source (S926)
3389 Vol 66 Baptisms 1864-1892 and Marriages 1864-1892 Source (S925)
3390 Vol 75 Baptisms 1851-1869
Vol 76 Baptisms 1815-1850
Vol 78 Baptisms 1870-1890
Vol 78A Marriages 1815-1890 
Source (S862)
3391 Vol 77 Births 1862-1892 and Marriages 1862-1892 Source (S598)
3392 Vol 79 Baptisms 1862-1892 & Marriages 1862-1902 Source (S208)
3393 Vol 84 Baptisms 1861-1891 and Marriages 1862-1891 Source (S1575)
3394 Vol 88 Baptisms 1842-1891
Vol 89 Marriages 1889-1891
Vol 89A Marriages 1867-1889 
Source (S877)
3395 Vol 91 Baptisms 1865-1891 and Marriages 1867-1891 Source (S657)
3396 Vol 93 Baptisms 1853-1891
Vol 93 Marriages 1871-1891 
Source (S1034)
3397 Vol 99 Baptisms 1860-1891 and Marriages 1860-1891 Source (S1019)
3398 Vol. 63 Marriages 1862-1891
Vol. 64 Births 1823-1860
Vol. 64A Births 1753-1823
Vol. 64B Marriages 1757-1839
Vol. 64C Marriages 1839-1891 
Source (S1369)
3399 Volume 26A Baptisms 1848-1870
Volume 26B Baptisms 1796-1848
Volume 26C Baptisms 1753-1791
Volume 26D Marriages 1835-1891
Volume 26E Marriages 1754-1834 
Source (S842)
3400 Volume 62 Baptisms 1861-1891
Volume 62 Marriages 1862-1891 
Source (S1894)

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