King Gardner Family History

Genealogy of the King-McCluskey and Gardner-LeBlanc Families

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Carlisle, Cumberland, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADDISON, Ellen  Abt 1850Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1486
2 ALLEN, George  Abt Sep 1870Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2390
3 ALLEN, John  Nov 1848Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2388
4 ALLEN, John James  Abt 1871Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2391
5 ATKIN, Elizabeth  Abt 1836Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2185
6 ATKIN, William  Between Oct and Dec 1859Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2423
7 BEATTIE, Andrew  Between 1792 and 1798Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2206
8 BROWN, Edward James  Between Apr and May 1870Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2151
9 BROWN, Frances  4 Nov 1881Carlisle, Cumberland, England I7
10 BROWN, Joseph Wailes  Abt 1808Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1238
11 BROWN, Sarah Ann  Between Jul and Sep 1876Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2154
12 BROWN, Thomas  Abt 1825Carlisle, Cumberland, England I5282
13 CLARK, John Williams  18 Dec 1878Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2364
14 CUBBY, George  Abt 1885Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2180
15 CUBBY, Isabella  Abt 1888Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2181
16 CUBBY, John  Abt May 1880Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2146
17 CUBBY, John George  Abt 1856Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2145
18 CUBBY, Mary Ann  Abt 1881Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2179
19 CURRAN, Peter  Abt 1870Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2387
20 CURRAN, Thomas  Between Apr and Jun 1845Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2385
21 DALTON, Dorothy  Bef 12 Sep 1809Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2171
22 DALTON, Edmund  Bef 24 Jun 1804Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2355
23 DALTON, Isabella  Bef 16 Apr 1808Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2361
24 DALTON, James  Bef 12 Oct 1806Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2360
25 DALTON, James  Bef 15 Jul 1811Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2362
26 DALTON, Joseph  Bef 1 Aug 1813Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2363
27 DORAN, Mary Jane  Abt 1869Carlisle, Cumberland, England I5284
28 GRAHAM, George  Abt 1860Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2188
29 GRAHAM, Mary J.  Abt 1886Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2189
30 GRAHAM, Robert  Abt 1888Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2190
31 HARDING, William  Abt 1872Carlisle, Cumberland, England I5255
32 HILL, Hannah  Abt 1826Carlisle, Cumberland, England I5283
33 MCBRIDE, Elizabeth Jane  Between Apr and Jun 1874Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2125
34 MCBRIDE, Mary Ann  Abt Sep 1870Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2124
35 MCBRIDE, Robert  Abt May 1850Carlisle, Cumberland, England I5250
36 MCBRIDE, Sarah Catherine  15 Apr 1865Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2424
37 MCCLUSKEY, Ann  Between Apr and May 1870Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2409
38 MCCLUSKEY, Ann  Abt 1845Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1478
39 MCCLUSKEY, Ann  Abt 1875Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1487
40 MCCLUSKEY, Edward James  15 Apr 1905Carlisle, Cumberland, England I8
41 MCCLUSKEY, Ellen  Abt 1886Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2178
42 MCCLUSKEY, Henry  Between Apr and May 1850Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1480
43 MCCLUSKEY, Henry  Abt 1877Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1488
44 MCCLUSKEY, Hugh  Mar 1901Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2176
45 MCCLUSKEY, James  Abt 1857Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1482
46 MCCLUSKEY, James  Abt 1879Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1489
47 MCCLUSKEY, Mary  Between Oct and Dec 1877Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1400
48 MCCLUSKEY, Mary  Abt 1884Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2177
49 MCCLUSKEY, Mary Ann  2 Jul 1865Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1484
50 MCCLUSKEY, Mary Eleanor  Bef 1 Aug 1886Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1536

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADDISON, Ellen  Between Jan and Mar 1906Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1486
2 BROWN, Isabella  Between Oct and Dec 1906Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2144
3 EWING, James  Between Jan and Mar 1852Carlisle, Cumberland, England I5275
4 FINNIGAN, Catherine  Between Jan and Mar 1867Carlisle, Cumberland, England I5263
5 MCBRIDE, Isaac  Bef 20 Dec 1838Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2184
6 MCBRIDE, Margaret  Bef 26 Feb 1836Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2183
7 MCCLUSKEY, James  Between Apr and Jun 1881Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1372
8 MCCLUSKEY, Jane  Between Jul and Sep 1890Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1371
9 MCCLUSKEY, Robert  Between Oct and Dec 1872Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1373
10 MCCLUSKEY, William  Between Aug and Sep 1884Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1377
11 MCHENRY, Ann  4 Jan 1888Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1476
12 SMITH, Isabella  24 Dec 1887Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2396
13 STAINTON, Henry  6 Mar 1842Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2373
14 STUBBS, William Pattinson  16 Sep 1857Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2397


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MCBRIDE, Isaac  20 Dec 1838Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2184


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATKIN, Elizabeth  Abt 1839Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2185


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROWN / EWING  Between Oct and Dec 1847Carlisle, Cumberland, England F2324
2 BROWN / MULLENDER  Between Oct and Dec 1880Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1146
3 CLARK / BROWN  19 Jul 1904Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1137
4 CUBBY / BROWN  Between Oct and Dec 1877Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1130
5 DINWOODIE / SMITH  1 Sep 1858Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1190
6 GRAHAM / BROWN  Between Apr and Jun 1885Carlisle, Cumberland, England F1131
7 HARDING / MCCLUSKEY  Between Oct and Dec 1907Carlisle, Cumberland, England F2314
8 MCCLUSKEY / MASON  Between Oct and Dec 1878Carlisle, Cumberland, England F856

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